About Voyage Tours

VOYAGE TOURS LLC was founded in Dubai in the year 2004 as a leading Destination Management Company with its own fleet of vehicles for transfers and private tours. Providing Logical extension of Arabic hospitality and wealth of beauty to be offered to visitors.

Emirates are a Paradox, an entity both tied to the past and reaching towards the future.
Today’s travelers require a host who is able to cater to their desires with careful planning and attention to details.

Voyage Tours specialized team emphasizes the importance of individual motivation. The employees of the group have earned international respect and recognition for their creativity and readiness and for their commitment to communication, hospitality and professionalism.

They identify the client needs and creatively and efficiently co-ordinate their activities. Our guides hold the responsibility of describing the truth and the facts about Emirates.

Voyage Tours LLC attributes its growth & success to close collaboration with its international partners. We have found that sharing goals and opportunities, along with usual support throughout strong relations forms the basis for reliable, profitable and long-term development to all concerned.


Voyage Tours deals with a selection of international charter companies on a regular basis. The frequency of flights and amount of arrivals demand prompt decision-making and firm answers. Voyage understands the needs of charter operations and is fully prepared to deal with them. Ground transport, hotel reservations, and round-trip tour programs are all aspects of charter operations that Voyage handles efficiently and reliably.

Group Travel / MICE

Voyage Tours techniques for providing for every aspect of an enjoyable trip are the result of extensive experience. Voyage ensures that guests are made to feel as comfortable as possible. From the moment of arrival until departure, our field coordinators will assist the group in any way they can, this adds value to tour programs by ensuring the smooth operations of all its aspects. It is a position Voyage management introduced to the industry 09 years ago, that has been adopted by other travel companies.

Ground Handling

Comfort is the key to enjoyable travel, and Voyage Tours fleet of transport vehicles’ provide it. From coaches and mini-buses to VIP and 4-wheel drive vehicles, the fleet guarantees safe, attractive ground transport for any size group.

Voyage Tours is composed of a team of a very well qualified, multilingual staff that will always provide our clients with the lowest rates in the market and organize hotel accommodations and car-hires with extremely competitive discounts. In addition to their training, our staff is a group of experienced travelers that will be able to offer the most accurate advice with hindsight of their personal experience.

We have a wide spectrum of clients ranging from Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Lifestyle Management Companies & Corporate Travel Houses, dealing with All Markets and specializes in CIS Countries.

Voyage Tours seeks to make the visitor feel at ease and welcome in what is for many, a brief glimpse of a world very different from their own.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Samer El Debs
Managing Director

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