Al Majlis

Experience new heights of luxury and exclusivity with Al Majlis. Housed in a dedicated facility minutes away from the three terminals, Al Majlis transforms Dubai International into your luxurious home away from home – whether you are arriving, departing or in transit.

The facilities

With 9 VIP lounges equipped with state-of-the-art plasma screens, Wi-Fi zones and a variety of other facilities, the Al Majlis lounge is yours to discover and enjoy.

Our facilities include:

  • A selection of sumptuous snacks as well as a range of beverages;
  • Dedicated ramp transportation to and from the Al Majlis terminal to aircraft gates;
  • Dedicated Dubai Duty Free outlet which includes a money exchange service;
  • Convenient parking and drop-off;
  • Prayer rooms for men and women;
  • Convenient shower facility for transit passengers;
  • Selection of local and international magazines.

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