Organized Groups

The basic success of a well-organized company lies in marketing, sales, good customer relation management and ensuring that the product is well tuned at all time. Our Leisure Groups Team accentuates creativity and flexibility in working with travel professionals. Our company is big enough to have the depth of talent necessary for large national programmers, yet small enough to provide that personal touch and high level of client satisfaction. Our team strives to provide you with everything necessary to make your vision come to life.

Beside leisure groups and round trips to UAE & Azerbaijan, we are handling all aspects of pre- and post-cruise programmers with shore services including meet & assist, transfers, exclusive tours and safaris for cruises’ clients and all clients with special interests.

Locations, United Arab Emirates

  • Stable political climate, multicultural environment and high level of safety.
  • Excellent infrastructure and a tax free economy offering competitive prices.
  • Variety of quality international food and enjoyable dining experience.
  • Best bargains at numerous air-conditioned malls and souks (shopping centers).
  • Clean beaches, scenic spots in the mountains and desert where all kinds of corporate events and sports may be arranged.

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